In the edgier part of Stockholm, Nadia Kandil, a dynamic individual, invites us into her tasteful home while making waves in the world of media. As a podcaster and influencer with aspirations of becoming a writer, Nadia is on the brink of an exciting debut. Join us as we delve into her journey, starting with her choice of residence in the vibrant community of Hornstull Strand. Discover the motivations behind her decision and how her connection to the area reflects her passion and presence in the industry.

L: We’re here in this fantastic apartment, it's so incredibly well-planned and feels much bigger than it is. You've done a complete renovation before moving in here. What feeling did you want to create when you planned and renovated it?

N: Well, I like architectural history and the idea that things have been built for a reason. I never think you should overlook or erase that when renovating. So it was very important for me to recreate; how were apartments built in the 1930s, why were they built this way and that. But then it was also very important for me to optimize every square centimeter. I would say the combination of those factors resulted in what you see here.

L: Was the social space important or was it storage?

N: It was both. Before, I lived in an apartment with a separate kitchen and I didn't like it at all. Because it became so antisocial and the way I socialize and hang out is like everyone just sits around. So it was very important for me that the kitchen would flow into the living room and dining area but also that there was good storage.

L: The way you decorate is very characteristic, it feels like a home. What do you think is the exciting mix of wood meeting a very graphic floor?

N: Well, the thing is, I always get excited about whether it's going to be either super natural in material choices like wood, stone, marble, lime, or it should be super practical and stylish (of course). When I decorated this apartment, both things were extremely important to me. Being able to have the type of graphic floors that serve such a clear function but also give a luxurious feeling - it just felt completely natural.

L: It really adds character, even though it's a small apartment, that you dare to put character in the different spaces.

N: One hundred percent! Absolutely yes, you have to dare to do it. There's a lot of wood in the apartment, so I thought it was nice with this sharp, sharp wooden kitchen, so I thought this graphic, almost silvery, super functional floor was a really nice contrast.

L: What do you like most about your apartment if you had to choose? One thing, one place, or one function?

N: I love the living room. I love my wardrobe, but I love the living room. Another thing I love is the total silence in here, even though I live on a fairly busy street, it's quiet and safe.

L: We know that you may not often invite people over for dinner here, but that you occasionally use the kitchen for yourself. Tell us about your go-to dish?

N: Well, absolutely… I mean, it's never planned but there are often people here hanging out.

L: It's a social place.

N: Yes, absolutely a social place. But my go-to dish is definitely noodles, it's really, I love noodles in all forms and sometimes they just come straight out of the bag. But sometimes I take out Jennie Waldén's cookbook and make ramen. Noodles are definitely one of my go-to things.

L: Plain or with something?

N: No, but I mean you name it - everything, all versions, I love them.

L: You work as a creator and fashion profile and are soon debuting as a writer, how do you stay inspired?

N: That's a good question right now because I'm so uninspired at the moment. One thing I've discovered is that recovery is very important to me.

L: How do you do that?

N: Well, resting from all that stuff I'm doing, Instagram breaks have become absolutely vital for me. I don't function otherwise, I’ve noticed that I need a lot of time and space where I just am. Here (at home) or at my boyfriend's place where everyday life is my absolute favorite thing. Where you just are like; what should we have for breakfast, do we have eggs, does this work, should we do this, puzzle, read at a pace without taking a picture of everything.

L: Like casual hanging out in your safe zones?

N: Yes, it's very important for me.

L: If you had to choose one piece of clothing to wear for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

N: I would choose my Balenciaga jeans, the ones I'm wearing today.

Quick Questions

Instant noodles or pan pizza?

– Instant noodles.

Talk on the phone or text?

– Text.

A piece of clothing you would never ever wear?

– I don't think there is one, depending on the trend and if I see it on the right person.

L: Never say never in our industry.

N: No, seriously, I've learned that after the comeback of capri pants.

L: And the Crocs, Balenciaga Crocs.

N: Then you got a reality check when suddenly you stood there in capri pants and Balenciaga Crocs, thought it was a great combo.

L: It really was!

N: Yes, it was one hundred percent.

Your biggest ick right now?

– People who don't make an effort, or people who make fun of people who make an effort.

Never use Instagram again or never read a book again?

– Never use Instagram again.

Favorite drink?

– Dry. Dry martini.