Annica Eklund, the creative powerhouse behind Bolon and House of Bolon. As both creative director and owner, Annica infuses her artistic flair into everything she touches. With a knack for photography and a passion for hospitality, she also pulls the threads at her family’s passion project: Villa La Madonna, a charming boutique hotel in Italy.


She would describe herself as kind, efficient, and mischievous - Annica brings warmth and creativity to her endeavors. Whether enjoying a dinner full of wine and food with loved ones, or binge-watching her favorite series with a bowl filled with Swedish candy - she finds joy in both relaxation and adventure, at home or abroad.

Tell me about how you added photography as a passion to your already busy life as a creative director at Bolon and owner of Villa La Madonna.

  • Back when I operated as CEO, I missed my own creativity and desire. I constantly had to give energy and creativity to others without getting anything back, I simply missed having my own universe of creativity. I started photography about twelve years ago by a small coincidence when I received a Polaroid and analog camera as a gift. Since then, it has been a passion professionally and my own sanctuary of creativity which gives me the conditions for creation, I love it.

What inspires you? And how come "artistic portraits" have become somewhat of your signature?

  • What inspires me is hard to grasp - it seems like everything inspires me? It can be an ordinary day on the way to work, just as much as something you experience and take in on all the trips we make, both privately and at work. My creativity is never off, it's a constant flow and more of a lifestyle. It can be challenging and wonderful at the same time.

    Oh God, the artistic portraits may be because I like people and maybe always see the twisted or different in things, and I believe that reflects in my way of photographing, a bit mischievous, creative, and artistic.

Which of your works is most representative of Annica Eklund? And Why?

  • One of the works that has become a small signature for me is probably "Linn in the vineyards with a lampshade over her head." But also "two men bathing in a pool with tall hats." I think again that my photos feel both real and unreal, but there's that twist that makes you look a little extra.

Who is a dream person or dream place to one day have in front of your camera?

  • As a person, I would think it would be fantastic to shoot Helena Christensen for her beauty but also for her coolness, that she is also a photographer, so I think she would be a dream for me to capture. I also think we would work well together! A place I would love to go and shoot is Mongolia, with the horses, the culture, the people, and more.

"A dream is worth nothing if you leave it on a pillow" has been somewhat of your motto since you started photographing professionally - what is your biggest dream?

  • I came up with it for an exhibition I did, and I strongly felt that I'm not a dreamer, I'm a doer, and my dreams often come true, so I thought it was a good quote that very much corresponds to me in my life and what I do.

Tell me about the meeting and collaboration between House of Bolon & AE Studio.

  • House of Bolon is something new and I can relate a lot to the content we create, how we work, and the result and ambition we have for the future. This collaboration right now consists of two unique photographs that I took in a private apartment when the design brand De la Espada had a launch of their furniture. They had a performance that I was completely taken by and asked to come back and shoot the actors during a break, and they surprisingly said yes! I’m still so happy for that, and very proud to launch these very special pieces today in collaboration with House of Bolon.

This or That:

Mobile camera or system camera?
Mobile camera: I can always have it with me everywhere.

Photograph in color or black and white?
Color or black and white photos, oh, it's so difficult, I have about 50, do I really have to choose?

Dinner with friends or dinner with family?
My family is my friends and my friends are my family, so I can't choose here, both are equally important to me.

Never drink red wine again or never eat candy again?
Haha, candy or red wine, oh my, it's so difficult, but I think I have to say no more candy.

Never buy clothes again or never buy interior decorations again?
Interior design or clothes, then I choose to never buy clothes again, I have so many nice clothes and interior design is something I live in.

Eat at a restaurant or eat outdoors?
Love eating at home but there's something about going to a restaurant, restaurant it is.

Be surprised or surprise?
Oh, such difficult questions, to be surprised or to surprise, well, I think I prefer to surprise if I have to choose, it's so lovely I think to surprise someone.